About Curling

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The Smiths Falls Curling Club features four sheets of curling ice. A new ice plant was installed in 2014 to maintain our ice in top quality condition throughout the curling season. Our new “refurbished” rocks have arrived for 2015 to make for even better curling in the future.

Our icemaker is Brian Hewson, who, along with other volunteer club members, keeps our ice groomed to perfection for maximum enjoyment by the members.

Contrary to popular belief, curling ice is not slippery like skating ice. The icemakers apply a fine “pebble” texture to the ice between games. This pebble is what the rocks “ride” on as they travel down the sheet. Without the pebble, the rocks would not curl as they slow down.

The advantage to the players is that the ice is easy to walk on and even run on, with proper rubber grippers on your footwear.

The other thing first-time curlers notice is that the air temperature in not really all that cold, especially when you put some effort into sweeping.

New members are always welcome,
whether you are new to the game or experienced and new to the area.

Give us a try – It’s Cool to Curl!

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